The lovely Sydney and John had their super stylish and elegant wedding at one of the most stunning venues in our area, Finca Monasterio de San Martín.

Sydney´s dress, hair and make up oozed sophistication as did her flowers and decoration of the venue.

The biggest surprise of the day however, was the ceremony. Most weddings are emotional, that is a given part of the importance of the day, its emotional for the parents, for the friends and especially for the couple. Even so, not much had prepared me for the sudden outpour of tears from everyone, including brides´ dad , who just minutes before had been as cool as a cucumber! The extent to which there was such a huge display of sentiment over this lovely pair getting married didn’t become clear to me till I was editing. When at a wedding, my focus is in getting lovely, well framed photos, a mix of both telling the story but in the best way possible, so when I saw the photos I was hit by the realisation of how privileged I was to be able to share these moments with people from all over the world who chose to work with me.

The rest of the day followed as expected with more emotion at the speeches, but also with lots and lots of fun. Sydney and John were a treat to photograph, comfortable with each other and very much in love.



Wedding Coordination: Louise at

Venue: Finca Monasterio de San Martín