Anne & Aiden have live in the lovely Estepona for a few years , so knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding, a stunning venue and a great party! They had a lively and fun group of friends and family at Tikitano, one of the most exclusive beachside venues on the coast, where they had a great emotional ceremony followed by beachside cocktails, a fabulous dinner and a fantastic party.

Thanks to Sunshine weddings for putting me forward for this wedding, it was a great fun day, a total pleasure to photograph Anne who looked beautiful and classy in her dress.

Special mention alsoto their friend Camy who decorated and supplied flowers for them via her company, LemonFace Deco.


Organisers: Sunshine Weddings

Venue:   Tikitano Beach Club, Estepona

Flowers and Deco:  LemonFace Deco