The lovely wedding of Lauren and Ben took place in at the Hacienda San José at the start of June. Many couples visit us during the winter months for meetings and tastings and sometimes when they are here, it rains! A mild worry starts setting in so I d like to tell you all that if you choose to have your wedding in Málaga in June, July or August you are virtually guaranteed sunshine. June is the milder of the summer months, flowers are out but green still holds in the grass, trees and bushes. The long day means you can stay outdoors till very late, with sunsets at around 10pm.

Lauren and Ben had a very young, cool approach to their day, a nice tight group of friends and family treated to a gorgeous venue and a great dinner, stylish, natural decor and elegant dresses for both bride and bridesmaids. Lauren added a touch of colour with a pair of splendid heels, a detail that brought all the outfit together. The groom was particularly lucky with his attire, suited to the time of year in Spain, a smart but fresh shirt with a fashionable bow tie which matched bridesmaids dress colour. No jacket or waistcoat meant he was not too hot waiting for the bride!

The day was smooth, full of lovely emotional moments, Father of the bride speech being a particularly tearful event. Balloons with wishes were set off , confetti thrown and all was to be finished with a beautiful cake and lots of dancing.

Lauren and Ben were totally in tune with each other all day, lots of hand holding and complicit looks on one of the most nerve racking days of their lives is a great sign, bodes well for the future of this young stunning couple.


Wedding Organisers : Sunshine Weddings https://www.sunshineweddingsspain.com/

Hair and Make-up: Ella https://www.ellameganmakeup.com/