Some of my favourite photos of 2017 are from the wedding of Vanessa and Paddy a lovely Irish couple now settled in Australia. Apart from the obvious beauty of Vanessa she also exuded a lot of calm and sweetness. She put her heart in the decor and outfits for the day to make it special , the dresses both hers and bridesmaids, had lots of delicate and sparkly embroidery in a lovely pink, it was a bold choice of style but worked really well with each other and the flowers chosen for the day.

The whole day was very family oriented, both sides having big families who came from all over the world to support them on their big day. There was a lovely connection of both bride and groom with their parents and siblings with love and jokes flying around, some tears in the speeches and many many jokes too.

Every time I shoot a  wedding in Spain and cant fail to be grateful to be witness to such lovely days. Sun always shining, gorgeous venues, amazing food and wine, balmy evenings  and partying into the night is what awaits all guests who come here. Makes my job easy when everybody has a great time.

Wedding Organisers: Sunshine Weddings

Venue: Hacienda San José

Flowers: Flor Valentín