Sometimes life is a bit magical and you meet special people at just the right time. How I met Amandine is a very long story involving family, travel, Cambridge University, and my love and respect for people like her who with her hard work in medical research helps so many. This is where I leave it for many reasons, but be assured she is one special lady!

When I met Amandine she was planning her wedding to Maris, they wanted lots of natural photos of the day and  to capture it all in an unfussy way  so I ended up the following summer in the South of France, in a cute town called Saint Georges d’Espéranche near Lyon, photographing the beautiful wedding day.  She had told me it was going to be a very relaxed wedding day, very personal with close family and very good friends. I was amazed at how much Amandine and her friends were involved in every aspect, from creating the decor to buying the flowers..it was a cooperative event!

After hairdressing, make-up and flower buying (yes! she has nerves of steel, she bought her bouquet that same morning!!)  we went back to their venue, the gorgeous Domaine de Grand Maison to get ready for some photos with Maris. Apart from them being one of the cutest couples I ve photographed, the grounds of the Maison were just stunning, full of flowers in all sorts of colours and textures, a really lovely french cottage garden. We also had some photos done near a cornfield in homage to Amandine s farming family history  : )  After the session off we went to the town to take more photos and make our way to the town s church were the guests met them both before the mass.

Back to the venue and it was time for drinks, chats, delicious veggie food, games, great french wine and dancing!

We left them as the party was in full flow, a lovely happy bunch of people celebrating Amandine  and Maris s special day.


Venue and Catering: http://www.reception-grandmaison-seminaire-vienne-lyon.fr/fr/gite-charme-mariage-seminaire-lyon-rhone.php



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