A new season begins

By February 11, 2017Uncategorized

Most people count their years in the usual 12 months, but us wedding photographers count it in “seasons”. When its “wedding season” we work virtually all day both at weddings and on computers editing away into the early hours. When the season is over we get some valuable resting time and life takes a slower pace where we get to enjoy time with family and friends, holidays and we have time to recover with lots and lots of stretching exercises.  It also gives me the opportunity to rejoin my husband Kevin on our commercial photography business www.photographermarbella.com which I enjoy very much, its such a different side to photography, that I believe enriches my take on my wedding photos.

This year my 2017 season starts early, tomorrow in fact, when I ll be flying abroad to shoot my first wedding.

Now that I can work this blog business properly (thanks Chris Hollweg!) I ll be updating more often and posting weddings and day to day stuff that I may find interesting or useful to bride and grooms.

As this is a photography blog I felt I couldn’t leave you without a “definitive” photo to say goodbye to the 2016 season ..but that is just way too hard! too many lovely couples, too many gorgeous venues, decor, flowers…So instead I will upload a photo that I hope you find inspiring, not because of the photo itself but for what it represents. On a hot August day, testing out our new lighting in our studio, my husband went to the pool and came in to pose for a test shot and that, below, is him. If you needed any reassurance to confidently enter marriage and all the good and bad things that come with it I can tell you its quite easy to love your partner more every day (even after 19 years!), I know he ll want to kill me for posting this photo but I ll be gone for a few days, I m sure he will have calmed down by the time I m back. Kev,  I d be nowhere without your support and love.