Well that went quick! I m pretty sure a year ago I was sat here making plans and looking forward to a great 2017 but nothing could have prepared me for the amazing year it was both in the personal and professional. Lots of travel to some fantastic places where I managed to drive a few people crazy with questions and photo stops, to them many, many thanks! A very busy season down in Spain doing weddings and working with Kevin for PhotographerMarbella in many commercial shoots too, without a doubt one of the best years we ve had since starting our business 19 years ago. If I had to pinpoint what has made it so amazing I d say it was the people I ve met, visited and worked with. I m having problems coordinating the ugly world news with what I have experienced this year. Kevin and I, and my whole family have had nothing but warm welcomes, smiles and a desire to get along, chat and have lots of fun, helpful, gorgeous people that have cemented my conviction that love really is everywhere and surprisingly were you least expect it. Last year I thanked my husband for his support, this year I d like to extend it to all the people in the periphery that have touched me one way or another, filled me with energy. My thoughts at the moment for loved ones with health problems and for the hard working people at my local animal charity Triple A http://www.tripleamarbella.org/eng/ for who we shoot the calendar every year, lets hope this year is better than last.  For 2018 I ask for TIME as I m sure many working parents will do, as desire to go forward and live fully and enjoy myself with my loved ones is very much there and undiminished. Happy 2018 for everybody! Talia, Kev, Maddie and Oliver X